While marketing audiobooks has many similarities to book marketing in general, having an audiobook opens up new opportunities.

We are committed to helping authors and publishers succeed with their audiobooks and have been rolling out marketing options as our clients have identified where they most need help.

See our many marketing options HERE.

Becky Parker Geist serves as President of Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (www.BAIPA.org) and understands the challenges facing independently published authors and small publishers. Here are just a few of the top options available for audiobooks in particular:

  1. Use Audiograms on your social media. Videos tend to better engage and audiograms are a way to share clips of your audiobook.
  2. If you haven’t yet produced your audiobook, there are several great opportunities that are typically discovered in Pre-Production.
  3. Use clips from your audio to build a video trailer. If you need help with that, we at Pro Audio Voices partner with Riverview Studios to create compelling trailers. Then when you have a video trailer, pull short clips from that to share on social media.
  4. Use the AMPlify Audiobooks platform to run promotions.
  5. Link a post and button on your website to your AMPlify shop.

Depending on your goals and your audience, there are many differing ways to approach your marketing and places to be. If you’re looking for some support, check out the Audiobook Marketing options available at Pro Audio Voices.