A Daughter’s Inheritance: finalist in 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards!

Congratulations to Geraldine Boyce, author of A Daughter's Inheritance, for being a finalist in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards! Well-deserved, in my opinion. The story is also being pitched to the #BBC, and we're hopeful they will pick it up for a mini-series. I think it would be perfect for them. I'm so pleased to have narrated and produced the #audiobook of this excellent [...]

Rock-a-Bye Wiship by Becky Parker (Bound &/or Personalized)

Get your imagination in gear as Jessica travels over the rainbow in her wiship to the land of Bingo-Bongo. Jasper, who is smaller than the flowers, becomes her guide and leads her to the Great Plunket. But when her wiship is taken over by the Yoozits, Jessica may not have a way to get back home! For a Personalized version, your child’s name is inserted [...]

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Game Plan for Educators by Becky Parker Geist

A guideline for educators on the creative process of game development used as a tool for enhancing and reinforcing existing curriculum while developing divergent thinking and problem-solving skills.   [button type="icon" icon="refresh" link=""]View Print Version on Lulu[/button] [button type="icon" icon="refresh" link=""]View eBook Version on Lulu[/button]

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