Game Plan for Educators by Becky Parker Geist
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Sunset“The Day is Done” is a beautiful expression of that feeling at the end of a long day – or a long life – of a weariness that longs for soothing. The poet yearns for a poem to be read to him – but not one of the majestic poems of the masters that remind one of endless work and struggle. No, read instead something simple that gushed from the poet’s heart, that mixed with the beautiful voice of the reader will send all his cares packing.

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My dad, Charles L. Parker, Jr., was an amazing guy. He was a mechanical engineer in his career, and then he surprised us all by publishing his first book at age 85, by which age most of his peers were done and just hanging out til death do us part. Not my dad. This poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of Dad’s favorite poets and a favorite of Dad’s father as well. Dad passed on December 2, 2012. I had the honor of reading this at  his memorial. Bless his soul. He was a fine man.


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