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Audiobook Launch

The audiobook of Jaxon’s Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists by Tamara Shiloh has launched! Available on Audible and in your favorite audiobook retailers and libraries. Narrated by Tyra Kennedy, Tre Mosley, Leon Nixon, Germaine Hatcher, this children’s audiobook is book one in the series “Just Imagine…What If There Were No Black People in the World?” Complete with music and sound effects, the audio book about 1 hr 35 min long. Please support the collaborative work of the author and narrators by sharing this post with friends and online social media, and let’s all celebrate together their achievement!

Perfect for Black History Month!

Tamara Shiloh has provided a tremendous resource for children to learn about many inventors and scientists that have had a huge impact on our lives but got left out of the history books.

“I love what Tamara Shiloh has done here! Reading into this often neglected area of American history was truly fascinating, and having it presented in a compelling narrative was a great decision that offers an accessibility to a large variety of age groups. It’s defiantly the kind of book that I would love to use in my classes as a jumping point to the broader issues of Science and Literature. I personally learned a lot from this story, and am so excited to see where Mrs. Shiloh takes this series next!”
Michael Habermas, Teacher, Educator, Philosopher, MA kids

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