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Neeta Lyffe: I Left My Brains in San Francisco

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While searching for his parents’ killers, ex-Navy SEAL captain Adam Weldon encounters a lovely undercover FBI agent, a ruthless drug cartel intent on killing him, a gambling casino for the super-rich run by a radio preacher, a host of motley river guides, and a succession of hair-raising challenges both in and out of the whitewater rapids of the Kern River. This thrilling page turner also provides a powerful, almost tactile experience of the magic and beauty of rivers and is a celebration of nature and life itself.

This is a terrific thriller but it also has a lot of very uplifting, soulfulness to it that really makes it stand out in the thriller genre. McGinnis is an expert whitewater river guide and owner of Whitewater Voyages rafting company. He is also the author of Whitewater Rafting and The Guide’s Guide Augmented, the ‘bibles’ of whitewater rafting and guiding. And Jim Denison does a great job of narrating this gripping adventure. I HIGHLY recommend this audiobook!! – Becky Parker Geist

Written by: William McGinnis
Narrated by: Jim Denison
Length: 7:04
Unabridged Audiobook

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