Road to Healing | Brianna Fitzgerald

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The Road to Healing: Healing Methods to Assist You With Living Your Best Life


  • By Brianna Fitzgerald
  • Narrated by Samantha Cooper
  • Audiobook • 2 hrs 25 min

The Road to Healing: Healing Methods to Assist You With Living Your Best Life



Author: Brianna Fitzgerald

Length: 2 hrs 25 min

Genre: Self-help

Release Date: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-950144-28-0

Explicit Content: No

About the Author

Brianna’s biggest passion is helping others along their healing journey.
Since Brianna was the age of twelve, she has aspired to become a therapist
to help people who have experienced trauma and heartache. For she knew
that she could provide healing at a very young age.
Brianna has worked with various clients and populations over the years. She
has worked with at-risk youth, treatment foster children, adults with
substance abuse issues, and clients of all ages who have experienced
significant amounts of trauma and toxicity.
Brianna has also assisted clients by providing reiki healing sessions,
channeling messages, and providing sessions for her clients to display
significant positive changes and improvements in their lives.
Brianna enjoys doing yoga, writing, reading, and spending time with her
three children on her free time.


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