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QUANTUM: The Trilogy Begins


  • By Dean Servienti
  • Narrated by A.W. Miller, Alfred Gingold, Becky Parker, Benjamin Getz, Charles Bice, Chris Abernathy, Cynthia de Pando, Darryl Fantaisie, David Learner, David Wood, Davide De Censo, Deva Marie, Dimitris Chavres, Fred Filbrich, J.S. Arquin, James Wolven, Jez Jameson, Joanna Teljeur, Joshua Manning, Kevin Clay, Lamarr Gulley, Lavinia Carpentieri, Lyle Blaker, Marion Franz, Michael David Axtell, Monica Franz, Peter J. Borys, Sam Nanda, Scott Allen, Sura Siu, Will Tulin, Yoni Lotan
  • Audiobook • 11 hrs 6 min
  • Fiction


QUANTUM: The Trilogy Begins

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Author: Dean Servienti

Length: 11 hrs 6 min

Release Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-0-997489-93-4

Explicit Content: No

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About the Author

Dean De Servienti is the author of three novels. Quantum is the first of these novels to be translated to English, after achieving great success amongst Italian thriller readers. Quantum ranked #1 on for more than one month upon its launch in Italy.

At the age of seventeen Dean started to travel the world. As a Political Science university student he began exploring Western Africa, acquiring a deep knowledge of the territory and its people. In the ‘90s he moved to the United States where he produced several independent travel-adventure documentary series. His work has been licensed to more than 20 television channels around the world.

From 1991 to 1995 Dean followed some Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Africa and South and Central America. Since 2008 he mainly focused on literary production always using traveling as a source of inspiration and discovery.

Quantum (Book One) represents De Servienti’s vision (backed up by a very detailed research and little known facts) of a credible origin of life on Earth.

Dean is currently writing Book Two of the Quantum Trilogy.

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