A Pie for a Pig by Susan Pace-Koch

A Pie for a Pig by Susan Pace-Koch

Pie for a Pig ACX2Just launched and LOTS of fun! A Pie for a Pig audiobook

Written by: Susan Pace-Koch

Narrated by: Becky Parker

Music by: Kevin MacLeod and Herbie Treehead

Length: 8 mins

A delicious assortment of Pies and Pigs celebrating bakery delights in a tasty sequence of months, based on seasonal fruits and veggies. Meet our characters, in their environments. Georgia Peach Pie, our own ‘Ms. Posey’, in front of her southern mansion, and meet ‘Paddy’, our ‘champ’ of the Rhubarb pie, in the ‘ring’ slugging it out the the Golden Glove (potholder). The Piglicious Pie-eaters will delight you! These charming Pigs have something to say about Pie in rhyme!

Unabridged Audiobook

About the Author:

I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

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