Grandmother Moon 6x9 Front Grandmother Moon will be full on Saturday, December 6. Her fullness, in this case, also includes a full appearance of the editions of Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories: Book One by Vlatka Herzberg and Becky Parker Geist (yep, ME). Illustrations by Natasha Tasiyana Kolida. Cover design by Andy Parker.

In her slightly less than full state, we are offering a special discounted pre-order price to match the not-quite-full moon – just $1.99 for the ebook. This special is NOW AVAILABLE at Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

You can also get the Kindle edition, if you prefer, at the full moon (and beyond) price of $2.99.

On Saturday, the print edition becomes available at your favorite bookseller and the ebook officially launches and will be delivered if you’ve pre-ordered it. And here’s the thing: if you’re planning to get one or more print copies (great gifts for kids 4-8), it will help us a lot if you buy ON SATURDAY, December 6.

You can also order a print copy from your local store (might be able to pre-order as well, not sure about that).

The AUDIOBOOK will be available very soon. We can’t really control when it appears on Audible, but it is already in their review process, and we’ll let you know.

Vlatka and I are SO excited to be sharing Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories: Book One with you! Please help others find us more easily by getting your pre-order copies and/or buying on Saturday.

THANKS for your support!! Please help us spread the word by sharing on the social media of your choice and – tell your friends!