I’m excited to announce some more recent audiobook launches! There are several NEW TITLES available in the Pro Audio Voices shop. And several more still waiting for you to discover them.

Sooooo, what’s your genre?

Scottish romance: Highland Treasure by Mary McCall

Travel: Travels in an American Imagination by Lee Foster

Non-fiction financial planning: Naked in the Nursing Home by Harold Lustig

Children’s (ages 4-9): Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories: Book One by Vlatka Herzberg & Becky Parker Geist (with sound effects and music)

Young adult: The Wild Boys by Travis Heermann

Teen non-fiction: Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices by Sumant Pendharkar

Zombies: Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian (with sound effects and music)

Horror: Hook House and Other Horrors by Sherry Decker

Young children: A Pie for a Pig by Susan Pace-Koch (with sound effects and music)

Historical fiction: A Daughter’s Inheritance by Geraldine Boyce


Please visit the Pro Audio Voices shop and help us spread the word on the titles of your choice. All these excellent authors and I thank you for your support!