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Game Plan for Educators by Becky Parker Geist


The Crow’s Nest                    Fireside Stories                     Papua 1942-43

I’ll be creating audios of these and will let you know when they are available!

Proceeds from the sale of these books support the Parker Mother & Child Foundation, founded by my brother, Jim Parker, founder & owner of Riverview Studios in NJ.

THE CROW’S NEST is a tale of high adventure, as seen through the eyes of Will Anchor and his sister, Sara, ages 11 and 13, as they set out by canoe on a dangerous mission to find help for their ailing mother. The year is 2049 and their home is in the drowned and abandoned city of New Orleans.  This book breaks new ground and has appeal for all ages.

FIRESIDE STORIES is a collection of four juvenile fiction stories. Pirates, adventure, and heart-warming relationships.

PAPUA is written journal-style but from 3 perspectives. In Papua New Guinea, a daring mission by two soldiers to create a new radio station has gone terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Mattie Billings, a newlywed living in Australia, patiently waits for any word about her husband, Rick, who is serving in the war. She has no idea that he is lost in a jungle with no recollection he is even married. Worse yet, the only one who knows what really happened in the skies above Papua New Guinea has been captured by the Japanese. As three people separated by the travesty of war struggle to be reunited, each must look deep within for the answers in order to survive.

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