Audiobook on Maximizing Human Potential

Audiobook on Maximizing Human Potential

I’m in the process of narrating and producing the audiobook edition of Vertical Living, a new book on personal development and maximizing human potential by Vidyangi S. Patil. I love working on projects that not only are interesting and enjoyable, but also help me grow. Reminders about the value of meditation and developing and following one’s intuition are always helpful. I also enjoy working with authors who have a powerful message to share.

In this audiobook Vidya¬†provides lots of great tips, and we’re using original music to help enhance how the listener hears those tips so they are received more deeply.

I’ll let you know when the audiobook becomes available.

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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

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