Understanding Violence

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Welcome to the Understanding Violence store. We hope you will consider purchasing the audiobook version of Holding a Mirror up to Nature: Shame, Guilt and Violence in Shakespeare by James Gilligan and David A.J. Richards originally published as a book by Cambridge University Press. The authors "brilliantly explore how Shakespeare’s plays are among the most insightful sources for understanding human nature and human psychology…(enabling) us to understand not only what causes violence, but also how to prevent it," writes Bessel van der Kolk, bestselling author of The Body Keeps the Score. The audiobook features John Douglas Thompson whom The New York Times called “perhaps the greatest Shakespeare interpreter in contemporary theater," Nigel Gore, and Tod Randolph. It is intended for everyone who loves Shakespeare and is curious about what causes and what prevents violence. You can visit our website: gilliganrichards.com for more information about the authors and the book. Thank you for your time and attention. 



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