Whitewater: A Thriller

Whitewater: A Thriller


  • By William McGinnis
  • Narrated by Jim Denison
  • Audiobook


Whitewater: A Thriller


Author: William McGinnis


Release Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-518906-32-9

Explicit Content: Yes

About the Author

A California native with a Master’s in English literature, William McGinnis wrote five non-fiction books about whitewater rafting and sailing—and now writes thriller novels—stories that captivate, delight, and inspire. Bill is well-known as the river exploring founder of Whitewater Voyages. His passions include hiking, woodworking, staring into space, audiobooks, and exploring new paths to adventure, friendship, and growth. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About the Narrator(s)

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