Where Flows the Creek | David Colin Carr

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Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension


  • By David Carr
  • Narrated by Becky Parker
  • Audiobook • 6 hrs 32 min

Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension



Author: David Carr

Length: 6 hrs 32 min

Release Date: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-935736-10-3

Explicit Content:

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Split Universe Series

Becky Parker Geist, author of the Split Universe Series, explores the concepts of metaphysical sciences in the context of parallel universe fictional worlds. Becky is also the CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc, inspiring the world and empowering authors.

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About the Author

David Colin Carr is a curious halfling who’s been trying to reach Home since his first step. His picaresque trajectory is cluttered with editing clients and writing students because he loves to turnfolks on to the power of clear writing and its potential for magic. He intended this book to introduce children to the beauty of the many biotic zones of a creek as it seeks sea level, but he relinquished his will to Rowan’s the morning the elf set him adrift in a flood of words. He rides life with that level of trust.

David also teaches and writes about both practical and psychospiritual aspects of Aging and Dying for anyone curious about those mysteries. He counsels clients in finding a current beneath their assumptions, so they can engage their personal wisdom about how to live and how to die. He lives in a quiet backwater of San Francisco Bay looking forward to the Ultimate Adventure.



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