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The Enigma Rising


  • By Charles Breakfield
  • Narrated by Derek Shoales
  • Audiobook • 10 hrs 19 min
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(1 customer review)

The Enigma Rising

The R-Group and their
cutting-edge technology are firmly grounded as cyber good guys. Carlos and Juan
are bad boys that cloak their questionable business from satellite. The R-Group
collides with the brothers while hunting a missing heiress and both are changed



Author: Charles Breakfield

Length: 10 hrs 19 min

Release Date: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-946858-06-1

Explicit Content:

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Breakfield & Burkey

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About the Author

Breakfield and Burkey Co-author the award-winning Enigma Series. Each of the thrillers in the series pits the heroes of the R-Group against the underbelly of the darknet.

Charles Breakfield works as a technologist with expertise in security, networking, voice traffic, and cloud solutions. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, investigating cryptocurrency trends, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles is also a fan of wine tastings, crafting wine, riding his Harley, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Rox Burkey works as a solutions designer focusing her professional expertise to optimizing technology and business investments for global customers to drive workforce and customer experiences. Rox loves interviewing authors, speaking on podcasts, reviewing books, and creating fictional fun.

Together they write white papers, thrillers, short stories (often back stories to characters in their series) and create fictional stories that are included in several anthologies.


A couple vacationing in Acapulco turns deadly

Carlos and Juan, bad boy
entrepreneurs are helping drug lords and their wealth disappear. Mexican
authorities and American agencies want to know—And make it stop.

The R-Group gets called in
as a contractor specialized in solving puzzles.

In parallel, the
disappearance of a wealthy Brazilian industrialist’s daughter, Lara, causes
Thiago to also hire the R-Group to quietly locate and return her.

Is the heiress in trouble
and gone forever. Can she be found before it is too late to save her?

The destiny of two groups is
on a collision course. No one knows if the impact will result in good or bad

The R-Group, operating on
the morale high-ground, wants justice.

Incarceration and
disappointment are lurking nearby for someone. Time is running out.

Readers are saying –

“This is
one of those books that you lose track of time. It has twists and turns, and
the characters have your emotions all over the place.”

The plot and characters keep you engaged to the

you like tech and cyber thrillers… check this out. I love the level of detail
in the technology used in the book.”

1 review for The Enigma Rising

  1. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings

    Audiobookreviewer (verified owner)

    The R-Group finds themselves immersed in major cyber activity in Mexico and the Caribbean along with tracking down the daughter of a rich and powerful Brazilian industrialist. The trail for the missing daughter becomes enmeshed with the father’s worst nightmare – drug lords, drug money, and pornography. Will the R-Group find and reunite the daughter with her father? Will they be able to find and fix everything they need to without starting an international incident?

    Jacob and Petra’s return with Otto is fast, fun, and exciting. Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey provide a deeper look into these characters as well as introduce us to more of the R-Group. While the R-Group still seems somewhat of a mystery, we are given more in-depth character development than before. The introduction of other R-Group members and potential ones is both satisfying and enlightening.

    Breakfield and Burkey give their listeners a lot of moving parts that somehow come together throughout the book in a logical and realistic manner. The dialog is well-developed and the action is non-stop. Once you begin, you will not be able to stop the audiobook until the last words are spoken! There are several “aha” moments and many “oh no!” ones as well. The breadth and skill level of the R-Group is overwhelming and scary.

    I enjoy thrillers but this is so much more … thrills, action, the edge of your seat suspense with a touch of romance and humanity. An awesome series that I have continued to enjoy with each passing book.

    The narrator, Derek Shoales, owns not only the characters but the entire book as well. His performance was solid and enthralling. His accents and female voices were top-notch. His delivery and cadence were well-matched for the story.

    The authors and narrator together captivate until the end. There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook.

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