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Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Mystery Thriller


  • By William McGinnis
  • Narrated by Bryan G. Lamb
  • Audiobook
  • Action-Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Mystery Thriller

Ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon tracks down kidnappers who have the San Francisco Bay Area teetering on the brink of societal collapse. In this wild, irresistible, white-knuckled ride – much of it via sailboat – through not only the Bay’s world-famous watery landscape but also its unique subcultures and quirky neighborhoods, Adam allies with a tech savvy Oakland cop, child sicario hitmen, and undercover FBI agent Tripnee to battle an out-of-control Silicon Valley billionaire, a charismatic cult with dark secrets, Bay pirates, an apparently unstoppable cartel well on its way to achieving the total and absolute corruption of the Bay Area, and moral rot extending into the highest reaches of the US government.

In the course of this gripping, life-and-death race against time, Adam comes to understand his extraordinary uncle – and himself – as never before. Could his Uncle Peace, a cantankerous ex-Zen monk, be the key not only to saving the Bay Area – and America – but also to sparking a civilizing cultural and spiritual renaissance?


Author: William McGinnis


Release Date: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-733654-72-2

Explicit Content:

Sold by

Whitewater Voyages Press

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About the Author

A California native with a Master’s in English literature, William McGinnis wrote five non-fiction books about whitewater rafting and sailing—and now writes thriller novels—stories that captivate, delight, and inspire. Bill is well-known as the river exploring founder of Whitewater Voyages. His passions include hiking, woodworking, staring into space, audiobooks, and exploring new paths to adventure, friendship, and growth. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Move over Ian Fleming, here comes Bill McGinnis. If you gobbled up every James Bond film – as I did – you will be fascinated by Adam Weldon, the Bond like protagonist in McGinnis’ second thriller: GOLD BAY. Upping the ante, McGinnis adds “Tripnee” – a beautiful partner for Weldon – to super charge the hero team.

McGinnis’ latest novel captures the excitement and dangers lurking today in San Francisco Bay, highlighting the challenging intersections of law enforcement, drug cartels, tech billionaire residents and corrupt politicians. He portrays how the social sicknesses of drugs, robbery, prostitution, identity theft, ransom, home invasions and extortion are devouring the vital organs of California and the USA. Not to spoil the end, but Adam and Tripnee coordinate a team of Navy Seals and war ships to explode the cartel’s leadership.

Grab a front row seat to Gold Bay now before it hits the silver screen. If you want intrigue, action and suspense, Gold Bay should be your next read.–Review by Noel Robyn



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