Flavour with Benefits | Cathy Connolly and Charley Best

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Flavour with Benefits: France


  • By Cathy Connally
  • Narrated by Cathy Connally
  • Audiobook • 1 hr 53 min

Flavour with Benefits: France



Author: Cathy Connally

Length: 1 hr 53 min

Release Date: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-777264-96-3

Explicit Content: No

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About the Author

Cathy Connally’s culinary career had an inauspicious start at nine years old, with the renovation of her mother’s kitchen involving the Yellow Springs, Ohio fire department. Later, to the horror of a high school teacher in St. Peter, Minnesota, she would win a Betty Crocker Award, only because she was good at math. This vote of confidence would propel her into internal audit in the global mining sector and eventually to a career as an entrepreneur in technology. Eating countless takeout meals while driving hours to put out project fires, was leading to a slow train wreck on the health front. She recalled a lesson she had learned at five years old about food as medicine. This led to the birth of Flavour with Benefits, the pursuit of flavour that doesn’t compromise on health. Cathy also loves adding a side dish of travel to her life, which has included sixty countries. Relaxation involves cooking and baking and spending time with family.

Charley Best decided after decades relaxing as an entrepreneur, he would like to use his weekends and meditation time and add author to his list of hobbies. His co-author, Cathy Connally, has given him a lot to chew on and now he is not only a believer in the positive effects of the Flavour with Benefits approach to nutrition and the enjoyment of delicious food, but he’s also developed a stand-up comedy routine about the benefits. He loves hummingbirds and spends many hopeful hours with a camera by a window, willing the snow to melt, pining for the birds to return. He prefers the dainty female birds; the males can be annoyingly territorial and narcissistic.


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