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Don’t Fix Your Marriage: Build an Exceptional One by Design


  • By David Toledano
  • Narrated by Brian Wiggins
  • Audiobook • 7 hrs 48 min
  • Nonfiction


Don’t Fix Your Marriage: Build an Exceptional One by Design

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Author: David Toledano

Length: 7 hrs 48 min

Release Date: 2014

ISBN: 978-1-950144-30-3

Explicit Content: No

About the Author

About David Toledano
Rabbi David Toledano is a published author, prolific speaker,
executive transformational trainer, relationship expert and family
life coach who specializes in all stages of relationships of dating,
premarital, marriage, divorce, family and parenting.
His deep understanding of sacred partnership comes from over 30
years of experience showing individuals, couples, families, and
businesses how to achieve concrete and lasting results in their
relationships. Combining profound knowledge
with charismatic humor, Rabbi David Toledano brings light and
peace of mind to communities around the world.
Learn more at Toledano Academy dot com.

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