Grandmother Moon Bk1 One of my favorite things to do is to bring stories to life, and some of my favorite audiences are kids. Well, I’m really excited about a project I’ve been collaborating on with Vlatka Herzberg. She and I met through Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, an excellent organization of which I currently serve as President. Vlatka is a spinner of folk stories that read much like classic folktales, with magic and talking animals and a sense of the oneness of all beings and the power of dreams and desires.

Together we’re developing a series of folk story collections. “Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories (Book 1)” will be launched very soon! We’ll be doing an international book launch that includes ebook, print book, and audiobook formats. These stories really have international appeal, and we’re getting a great response from children’s librarians, parents, grandparents and teachers. I’ll keep you posted when we launch. Thanks in advance for helping spread the word.

This first collection includes four stories. One of them, “Epaminondas” is a retelling by me of a classic tale that my mom used to tell me. I can still hear her voice in my mind, and remember well the delight it always gave me when she told the tale of silly Epaminondas. I’m including for your enjoyment a taste of that tale. And samples of the other tales will be coming soon, so stay tuned. (And please share this with your friends and folks you think might enjoy it. Thanks!)