A child’s curiosity knows no bounds. Even those who seem bored and distracted have the energy within them to participate in the world if only we arouse their interest.

Today we look at the opportunities presented by Unpublished Children’s Books – children’s stories not yet published in an eBook or a print format, and ways to enrich the stories with a soundscape.

We explore the benefits of producing your children’s stories in audio format vs. print format, the perks of getting published or producing your book with Independent Publishing, the fun, inspiring and educational aspects that unfold with audio stories, and an appeal to your ingenuity to embark on this fascinating journey of discovery by allowing your imagination to run free and practice your original storylines and characters on the kids in your life with tales specifically designed for telling rather than reading – a fun, rewarding experience that can open you up to new possibilities and opportunities as an author of children’s stories.

Sound effects and verbal descriptions of the environment and of action encourage children to use their resourcefulness and versatility to conceptualize, stimulating them to continue learning for life. We are introduced to the fascinating world of foley sound – creating a sound for an action when the actual sound does not translate accurately on its own.

And much more!



  • About the opportunities offered by unpublished children’s books
  • Benefits of producing your children’s stories in audio format vs. print format