Footnotes and endnotes have a clear place in written nonfiction – but how do they fit into the audio format? In today’s episode, we’ll dive into the options…and you’ll be surprised that “omit them” isn’t the only one! We’ll talk about the types of audiences that appreciate footnote inclusion and how to seamlessly integrate this information without detracting from narrative flow and listener experience. Learn how to turn footnote information into value added content or a ‘free gift’ that invites your listener to your website. Finally, we’ll get into the specific pros, cons, challenges, and solutions for handling citations and bibliographic footnotes in your nonfiction audiobook. Let’s turn the footnote conundrum into an inviting listener experience!



  • If footnotes and endnotes fit into audio
  • Is omitting footnotes and endnotes the only options?
  • What are my options for including footnotes and endnotes?