Having all the information you need to make an informed decision about your audiobook makes it so much easier to be certain that you, as the author of a book, are making the correct decision in selecting an audiobook producer for your project.

Host BPG takes the mystery out of audiobook production pricing by sharing specific criteria that are taken into account in considering the cost of producing an audiobook, sharing the formulae producers use to figure out / estimate how to best cover their own necessary business expenses and give a fair price quote to the author, based on her own experience with her clients.

Authors can learn the elements that audiobook producers use to calculate the length, tine involved, and all the various other factors involved in estimating a price quote for the audio book author.

Host BPG decodes the labyrinth of esoteric information to help you, the author, have a good experience in bringing your story to life and helping you to create the impact you desire on or with your audience.



  • How better to estimate the true cost of having an audiobook made