Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally
as a go-to place for excellent Audiobook Production and Marketing. We particularly love
working with clients demonstrating leadership, commitment, and who are sharing inspiring messages. We help authors and publishers reach their audiences through audiobook production and marketing. We provide experiences that move and impact our listeners. And we create creatively collaborative opportunities for our team and provide the support to grow and be heard. In these ways, we help stories ripple out into the world to thus make our world an increasingly better place.

  • Guidance on how to best set and meet your audiobook goals
  • Collaborative team approach to the work and process keeps the author in the loop and in the driver’s seat
  • Project management including publishing services for your audiobooks
  • Marketing support and assistance for your audiobook
  • Author-recorded coaching and recording packages and mobile studio
  • A team of voice talent hand picked for excellence saves you time and money
  • Efficiency gets your projects done in a timely fashion
  • Working with professionals means faster turn-around and higher quality, translating into savings on production and post-production costs
  • Sound effects and music can be mixed in for projects that will be enhanced by these elements – check out our samples and products)
  • Easy and fun to work with: professional and responsive
  • All audio books are produced according to the highest technical specifications required by audiobook distributors

Content is king.
Make sure your king is dressed to rule –
and not like the infamous Emperor!

Pro Audio Voices’ Core Values

Quality: We care about the quality of the audiobooks we produce. To enable great stories to come alive, we keep doing our best and developing our skills to help our best get even better.

Efficiency: We constantly strive for increased efficiency so that our clients and our team have an excellent experience throughout the process of working with us.

Creativity: We strive to approach each project with a creative mindset that stays open to whatever will best serve the project and client’s goals, and then to find the ways to meet that standard.

Respect: We treat each other, our clients, our listeners, and all those who interact with us with respect. Respect is an honoring of each person for who they are.