“Becky Parker exceeded my expectations. I’ve been reading audio books for over twenty years. Like most writers, I read, a lot. Most weeks I read about five novels. Being totally blind, I read almost exclusively audio books. I get most of my books from the National Library Service (NLS). When Eternal Press told me they would put my book into audio format, I was hesitantly pleased. The hesitancy came from the fact since I’ve read so many audio books, I have certain ideas of how an audio book should sound. I have my favorite readers at NLS, and I can identify many before they give their names. Becky sent me the first chapters to check, and she won me over. Her voice sounded mellow and mature, yet well-modulated and able to show emotion. She emphasized the portions I thought were important. And to my delight, she used “different voices” for each point of view character, a characteristic I consider all the best readers have. Becky proved easy to work with, and caught some small problems I had missed. We communicated through email whenever she had a question. Her demeanor stayed friendly yet professional. She made steady progress throughout the recording process. I’m extremely pleased with the final result. This is my first novel published, and hence the first recorded. Becky did an excellent job, and I’d highly recommend her and her work.”

Barbara L. Bates, author of AsterIce, a science fiction thriller

“WOWZA!!!  I think this voice-over is perfect!… The sound effects in the background… compliment the voices and create an exciting flow for the story.  You have done an amazing job…  You have done an exceptional job creating distinction between characters. Love them all!”

Heidi Joulius, author of Color My Coral

“Becky Parker Geist at Pro Audio Voices is wonderful to work with. She helped us record and release our first audio books. Not only is she friendly and helpful, she’s prompt and produces a wonderful audio book. Highly recommended. The Pro in her company name is no joke. She’s a pro through and through.”

Kim Richards Gilchrist, Co-owner and Manager of Damnation Books/Eternal Press, publisher of Asterice and Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator

“Becky was such a pleasure to create an audio book with of my first book, Soul Mastery, Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul. She is very competent and thorough, well versed in her skill and easygoing. She was quick with the work and always available to my comments and questions. She amazed me how she was able to” be” many different characters. She was helpful in giving me what I needed to understand the process and even let me be included in one portion of the audio. The final product is exceptional! Her pricing is very responsible and she always went the extra mile with me. It was a delight to work with Becky and I highly recommend her in all ways.”

Susann Taylor Shier, author of Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul

“Becky Parker has done an excellent job creating the audio of my novel A Daughter’s Inheritance. The characters are distinct, her enunciation is clear, and each scene comes alive. Her acting experience and talent really make a big difference, and her extensive experience in narrating audio books. There is a lovely balance of the dramatic and the narrative that she weaves so well. It’s been easy to work with Becky all along the way, and this was a new experience for me as an author so I’m grateful that Becky made it so accessible and easy.”

Geraldine Boyce, author of A Daughter’s Inheritance: A Novel

“Becky Parker is really professional when it comes to voiceovers. She even contacted with the mistakes she spotted in the script which I was really pleased about. Delivery of the files before the schedule and also her ability to adopt the voice to my requirements is what Becky stands out with. Highly recommended!”

SpicyRobby, Producer of meditation audio

“Becky Parker was a pleasure to work with. She maintained a high level of professionalism and performance. She has a wide pallet of voicings to draw from to bring a project to life.”

J.E. Dyer, author of Finding November

“A Daughter’s Inheritance is a riveting story and beautifully narrated. My only complaint is that I can’t wait to be alone so I can get back to listening!”


Becky gently walks you through the process of converting your book into audio with ease and understanding. She listens, she responds quickly, she has ideas and suggestions, she’s completely professional and honest. It’s an absolute pleasure to be in her hands! Thank you, Becky!

Amy Gorman, author of Aging Artfully

“The Four Bears were captured by Becky! She brought us into the forest to be part of their family shenanigans and restful retreat. You can even hear Cubbie and Grandma snoring! You can practically hear Grandma Bear, with her thinking cap on, as she ponders what she can do for the family. The always-imaginative Ms. Parker Geist always seems to choose the right tone and background sounds to accompany the reading for each audiobook she narrates and produces.”

Susan Pace-Koch, author of The Four Bears