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Episode 3: Interview with Margot Elaine Jones, author of ‘Beneath the Dragonwood Trees’ (children’s book)

Creator Margot Elaine Jones pulled together a brilliant team of voiceover talent, musicians and more in the creation of Beneath the Dragonwood Trees. Hear about the inspiration that drives her forward and her vision for this creation. From stage play to audiobook to film to Broadway, Margot is on a mission to bring this musical masterpiece to families everywhere. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Episode 2: Interview with Wendy Bartlett, author of ‘The Flood’ (children’s book)

Host Becky Parker Geist - also the narrator of Bartlett's audiobook - interviews author Wendy Bartlett. Wendy's book, The Flood: the Dangerous Exploits of Three Girls, a Cat and a Boat (The Elizabeth Books Series, Book 4), is geared for kids ages 8-12. Hear about what the audiobook production experience was like for this author as her book was brought to life in audio. [...]


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