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Episode 33: Audiobook Production Tip – How To Leverage Your Audiobook In The Podcast Format

Audiobook audiences and podcast listeners have one great thing in common -- they LOVE consuming audio content! The podcast format is an incredible way to expand your audience and drive sales with a wealth of content you already have. In today’s episode, learn the many ways you can structure an audiobook-based podcast, how to edit in complimentary content with listener experience in mind, and [...]

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Episode 32: Audiobook Production Tip – How To Use Youtube As An Audiobook Promotion Tool

Youtube is one of the internet’s most popular search engines and there are ample marketing benefits to getting your audiobook in on the mix. But how do you translate your audiobook into video? In today’s episode, I’ll share how to create potent marketing material with audiobook segments and some video editing magic. I’ll cover how to select segments appealing to your audience, ideas for [...]

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