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Episode 39: Audiobook Production Tip – Gratitude + An Open Invitation From Pro Audio Voices

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m dedicating this short episode to this amazing audio community and the gratitude I have for it. The team at Pro Audio Voices REALLY care about bringing great stories to life. When authors collaborate with us to bring those stories to life, doors open in the heart, the mind, and the spirit. We’ll talk about [...]

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Episode 38: Audiobook Production Tip – Can I just record an audiobook on my phone?

One of the most common questions I get from ambitious and frugal authors is, “can I just record an audiobook with my phone’s built-in mic and an app?” So in today’s episode, we’ll explore how it’s possible...but by no means simple. I’ll cover the three main hurdles in phone recording; the sound quality, file type, and technical specs of your [...]

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Episode 37: Audiobook Production Tip – Pro Tips: Conveying Charts and Tables In Nonfiction Audiobooks

Charts and tables are an essential tool for nonfiction authors to share information on the page...but what happens to those visuals in the audio format? The default choice of many audiobook narrators and producers is to omit them, but today I’ll share that it isn’t always the right decision. Tune in and learn how to translate charts into engaging narratives [...]

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Episode 36: Audiobook Production Tip – Handling Footnotes + Endnotes In Nonfiction Audiobooks

Footnotes and endnotes have a clear place in written nonfiction - but how do they fit into the audio format? In today’s episode, we’ll dive into the options...and you’ll be surprised that “omit them” isn’t the only one! We’ll talk about the types of audiences that appreciate footnote inclusion and how to seamlessly integrate this information without detracting from narrative [...]

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Episode 35: Audiobook Production Tip – Market Your Audiobook With Soundcloud: Step By Step!

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear ‘Soundcloud’ is music...but did you know it can be an amazing platform for audiobook marketing? In today’s episode, I’ll show you how to leverage the platform to access a wider audience and create great opportunities to invite them to your website. You’ll learn practical tips for setting up your account, [...]

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Episode 34: Audiobook Production Tip – Should You Record Your Own Audiobook? How To Decide!

The skill sets involved in narration are VERY different from those of writing text...but does being a story’s author make you the best person for the narration job? There is a possibility you may not be the person to bring your audiobook to life in sound, but on the other hand you may be the PERFECT person. So how do you [...]

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Episode 33: Audiobook Production Tip – How To Leverage Your Audiobook In The Podcast Format

Audiobook audiences and podcast listeners have one great thing in common -- they LOVE consuming audio content! The podcast format is an incredible way to expand your audience and drive sales with a wealth of content you already have. In today’s episode, learn the many ways you can structure an audiobook-based podcast, how to edit in complimentary content with listener [...]

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Episode 32: Audiobook Production Tip – How To Use Youtube As An Audiobook Promotion Tool

Youtube is one of the internet’s most popular search engines and there are ample marketing benefits to getting your audiobook in on the mix. But how do you translate your audiobook into video? In today’s episode, I’ll share how to create potent marketing material with audiobook segments and some video editing magic. I’ll cover how to select segments appealing to [...]

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Episode 30: Audiobook Production Tip – 10+ GREAT Reasons To Audio Format Your Book Or Screenplay

On the fence about whether or not you should turn your book or screenplay into an audiobook? Unsure if it’ll *really* be worth it? Let’s look at the benefits! Audio format is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry, and it’s an amazing way to ignite your reach. Today we’ll dive into both the big reasons and the smaller (yet [...]

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Episode 28: Audiobook Production Tip – Get Your Title On Audible FASTER: Wait WEEKS, Not Months!

If you’ve ever weathered the process of getting your title on Audible, you already know that it takes a small eternity. If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’ll be giving out insider tips on how to shorten those painful wait times that have become the norm. Learn how audiobook quality affects your experience, and which royalty [...]

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