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Episode 16: Audiobook Production Tip – Clever Ways To Leverage Your Nonfiction Title

An audiobook holds the potential to ignite your business in so many ways! Whether your goal is to kickstart a speaking career, attract new coaching clients, or garner interest in your products, I’m going to give you my best tips for leveraging your nonfiction title to the fullest. Today I’ll share how you can develop relationships with your listeners by [...]

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Episode 14: Audiobook Production Tip – Cost Basis For Audiobook Production: Exploring Your MANY Options!

Sometimes seemingly simple questions can have very complicated answers. “What will producing my audiobook cost me?” is one of those common questions, and today I’ll help you unravel the tangle of cost basis options for audiobook production. We’ll explore the industry standard of charging by the finished hour, how that time is estimated, and the factors that affect your audiobook’s [...]

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Episode 13: Audiobook Production Tip – Acknowledgements In Audiobooks…Your Questions Answered!

Roll the credits! …or don’t? Deciding what to do with acknowledgements leaves many audiobook creators scratching their heads. Should you scrap them? Include them? And if you do...where to work them in?! Today, I’ll share some insightful questions to help you decide whether or not to include acknowledgements in your audiobook. You’ll also learn the best placement for this track, [...]

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Episode 11: Audiobook Production Tip – Narrator Gender

Trying to figure out whether to have your book narrated by a male or female narrator? If your book is written in the third person, you might be wondering which would be better. Becky Parker Geist, CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc, offers suggestions to help you make this decision - or if it makes most sense to leave auditions [...]

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Episode 10: Audiobook Production Tip – Children’s Books

Take a behind the scenes look at kids books with host Becky Parker Geist. What are the qualities of a kids book that make a good candidate for audio? What about the illustrations? Learn about how your children's book can be enhanced in audio, just as illustrations enhance a story visually. Hear samples from a range of books for kids [...]

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Episode 8: Audiobook Production Tip – How to Manage ISBNs

Here's what you need to know when it comes to ISBNs for your audiobook and how to best leverage your audiobook metadata. The world runs on metadata. Learn the key things you need to know as an indie author so you can make good decisions about your ISBNs, whether your book is in print, ebook or audiobook format - and [...]

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Episode 5: When to Cast Multiple Narrators for your Audiobook

Learn when it is appropriate to have more than one voice narrate your audiobook. While the most typical audiobook is narrated by a single voice, there are many times when using multiple voices is a better choice. Examples include children's books like Tamara Shiloh's Jaxon's Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists, business books such as Gil Broza's The Human Side [...]

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