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Get your imagination in gear as Jessica travels over the rainbow in her wiship to the land of Bingo-Bongo. Jasper, who is smaller than the flowers, becomes her guide and leads her to the Great Plunket. But when her wiship is taken over by the Yoozits, Jessica may not have a way to get back home!

For a Personalized version, your child’s name is inserted as the main character, further enhancing your child’s engagement.

This ‘Illustrating Book’ comes as or with a pdf download print version for you to print so your child can illustrate the book. Unlike a coloring book, Rock-a-bye Wiship engages your child’s imagination with the story and offers captioned spaces for the child’s illustrations.

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Personalized Spiral-bound Print Book


Personalized PDF, Audio or Combo

Personalized Audio only $19.99 USDPersonalized Pdf & Audio combo $25.99 USD

Versions available

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