Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally
as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover services for Audiobooks, Animation, and Advertising,
with an emphasis on working with clients demonstrating leadership, commitment, and sharing inspiring messages.

  • Guidance on how to best set and meet your audiobook goals
  • Collaborative team approach to the work and process keeps the author in the loop and in the driver’s seat
  • Project management including publishing services for audiobook, plus ebook and print book editions, if desired
  • Marketing support and assistance for your audiobook, and other formats we publish for you
  • Author-recorded coaching and recording packages
  • A team of voice talent hand picked for excellence saves you time and $$
  • Efficiency that gets your projects done to the high standard we demand
  • Working with professionals means faster turn-around and higher quality, translating into savings on production and post-production costs
  • Sound effects and music can be mixed in for projects that will be enhanced by these elements (great for kids books and leadership books – check out our samples and products)
  • Produced in our studio or will travel to the studio of your choice
  • Easy and fun to work with: professional – no prima donas
  • Files edited and mastered into distribution-ready files
  • All audio books are produced according to the highest technical specifications required by audiobook distributors

Content is king.
Make sure your king is dressed to rule –
and not like the infamous Emperor!