This is all about building your author platform and getting the word out. Here are some ways to do that:

Social Media:

Yep, there it is again. All the gurus are saying the same thing. So, you can either hire someone (I can refer you to a professional) to do your social media or jump in the game yourself. (Think of it as a game and it will be more fun.)

Top sites you should start with:

FaceBook (we’re here:  Let’s be friends!)

Twitter (follow us at and find others to follow, and we’ll follow you in return)

LinkedIn (you can start by setting up your profile and inviting Becky Parker Geist to connect with you)

Google+ (here I am, come join me:

YouTube: if you would like a sample of your audiobook on YouTube, we can do that for you, using your book cover as the image.

Goodreads (yep, we’re there, too:

Some of these media also have special interest groups, like LinkedIn. Find some and join some conversations (but don’t just go pitch your book or no one will listen – get engaged and build relationships). In your profile you have have all your stuff about your book/s.


You like to write, right? Ok, then that’s all blogging is really, but in small pieces. If you have a wordpress website, it’s super easy. If you need help getting it set up, let us know. We’ve got people who can help.


Share your exciting news with all your family and friends!

In Person:

Oh, yeah, like the ol’ days before the internet. Get out from behind your desk and go talk to people, network, go to events where your readers/listeners are likely to be. Carry business cards or something that size with the info on where to buy your audiobook. Shameless self-promotion is good; aggressive self-promotion works against you. Share, but don’t push.


The best way to get the word out is to have others helping you. Work on connecting and building relationships with people who are influential with your target market. IMPORTANT: Remember: your target market is not “everyone”, so make sure you know to whom  your book appeals. The more you narrow down what characterizes the people who LOVE your book, and reach out to those folks, the more books you’ll sell and the bigger your impact in the world.

Checklist for once your audiobook is published:

Once your audiobook is published, share your excitement throughout your social network.

  1. Email your contacts to announce it.
  2. Create a post on your blog—include an image and an audio sample.
  3. Post a status update on Facebook, and link to your product page at online retailers.
  4. Tweet about it.
  5. Send influential colleagues and reviewers a synopsis or free copy of your audiobook.
  6. Ask key peers and colleagues if they would help share the news by emailing or tweeting about your book.
  7. Request listener reviews from your contacts. Retailers that are selling your book will allow for reviews.
  8. Review related titles on Amazon and link your reviews back to your Author Page on Amazon.
  9. Respond to or retweet any commentary you receive.
  10. Encourage your audience to buy your book as a new AudibleListener® member on they do, you’ll get an extra Twenty-Five Dollar Bounty Payment from acx. It can add up fast!