The Iguana Project


Author: Dale Arden

Narrator: Daniel Rubio

Audiobook: 9 hrs 40 mins


Lawyer Patrick Brádaigh had it all-the perfect life, wealth, beautiful wife, and children-until he got involved with the mafia. By the time he realizes his mistake, it’s too late.

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There is no going back, and he’s been warned: if he makes a misstep, he’ll be paying in blood. With the hopes of keeping his family safe, he starts compiling secret records of all the mafia’s dirty dealings in his safe at home. Patrick’s wife refuses to hand over the documents and ends up brutally murdered. Years pass before he sees his chance to exact revenge. While on vacation, he meets a marine biologist who explains she is conducting cutting edge research on iguanas for Nasa. The iguana has the unique ability to stay underwater for an extraordinarily long time, and Nasa hopes to harness a similar technique to send astronauts into deep space. Now, Patrick knows what he must do. Somehow, he must lure mafia members into seclusion, where he will induce iguana-like hibernation-indefinitely.

What others are saying about this book…

Dennis R Bennett, Ph.D., Theological Teacher, Business Consultant, Author, Columnist, and retired Military Officer (West Point Graduate)

“Dale Arden has captured the mystery of science and humanity’s web of deception and intrigue in a new and exciting adventurous experience for any reader. I highly recommend his unique and delightful work to anyone interested in finding a novel that will hold your attention and anticipation.”

Georgia Wilhite, Planning Administrator, City of Camarillo, California, retired

“Science, murder, romance, and revenge abound in Dale Arden’s ‘The Iguana Project.’ The intriguing plot and characters keep the reader eagerly anticipating the next twist of events in this captivating novel. Mr. Arden’s research into scientific and social issues is evident as the story unfolds. I recommend this book to readers who are looking for something new and thought-provoking while being highly entertained.”

The Author

Dale Arden is the retired president and CEO of an international consultant firm. He has published articles in trade publications and been a guest speaker at many international business conferences. The Arthur Young Entrepreneurial Services Organization nominated him as Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a BS from Washington University in St. Louis.

During his career, he travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe. On long plane trips he decided to stop watching movies, stopped catching up on work and started to write the novel that had been bouncing around in his head for years. Once he started his novel he became obsessed with writing. He found himself writing while at airports waiting for flights, in hotel rooms and at home when time permitted. Three years later The Iguana Project emerged.

In addition to writing Mr. Arden finds himself consumed in his woodworking shop, greenhouse and in his art studio painting. Other interest include golf and fly fishing in the Colorado Mountains. He enjoys reading books by John Grisham, Dan Brown and Patterson, which has no doubt influenced his writing style.

Mr. Arden is married and lives with his wife Judy in a suburb of Dallas Texas. They have six children and eleven grandchildren.


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