Speed Spell card game


Super fun fast-paced card game for ages 8 and up!


In this fast-paced award-winning card game, the players race to complete words from multiple letter groups building from the inside out. The more words you complete – or steal! – the more points you earn. The more cards left in your hand when someone goes out, the more points you lose. The rules contain several versions including the Solitaire, Switch and highly competitive Challenge versions. One of my favorite games invented by one of my favorite people.

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Winner of a 2005 Dr. Toy Award!

“I knew off the bat this is a game I would want to stock in the store.  It’s very
engaging! …  This is a winner!”   (Damien, Manager of GameScape), San Rafael

Speed Spell fun

“Speed Spell is a fun, creative way to learn how to spell words.  I love the fast-paced energy of the game – it can be cooperative or competitive, which is ideal for any classroom setting.”        (Liz N., 5th grade teacher)

WARNING: May cause vocabulary expansion and spelling improvement. This game can be addictive.

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Dimensions5.25 × 3.75 × 1.0 in


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