Pro Audio Voices Author Community

Pro Audio Voices Author Community


FREE to Pro Audio Voices clients, PAVAC is a community of authors committed to helping each other and – in the process of helping others – dramatically expanding their own audiobook marketing reach.


Why Audiobooks Matter

We believe that every time we help a great story come alive, doors open – in the heart, in the mind, in the spirit. With each great story we bring to life and each door we open, positive change becomes possible. We are changing the world one story at a time. But the world can only benefit if we succeed in getting our content and stories out there. The best way to successfully get our audiobooks – and other formats of our books – out to their intended audiences is to help each other as a community.

Working Together for the Benefit of All – Expanding Social Media Reach

Our Pro Audio Voices community is made up of authors who are passionate about their books and audiobooks and the stories or content they have to share with the world. The fact that we have produced their audiobooks means that we believe in these stories.

We as a community can do far more together than any one person can do solo. We are following our clients on social media and sharing posts that relate to their audio books (and other formats of their content) whenever we see them. Together, we can exponentially expand the reach of ALL our authors when each author joins the others on social media and shares these posts with their own following.

This is truly a situation where the more we give, the more we are likely to receive. – and it feels good to help our fellow authors.

How It Works

Each of us has a following on social media. Regardless of its current size, it is a different following than any of the other authors in this group. By making a commitment to following each other on social media, and then actively sharing each other’s posts, we expand every participant’s reach.

Set Up

If you are a client of Pro Audio Voices, then all you need to do is CLICK HERE to send us an email to join PAVAC at no charge. We’ll send you access to the Google sheet. Once you get there, do the following 3 steps:

  1. Add your name, book title, and social media links
  2. Friend and follow the others on the list.
  3. While you’re on social media, find one or more posts by a fellow PAVAC member and share it.

If you are NOT yet a client of Pro Audio Voices, then we’ll need to vet your audiobook. Click the BUY button to complete the purchase of the review, and send us the title of your audio book and a download code for your audiobook on Audible. Assuming your audiobook is approved, you will then receive access to the Google sheet so you can join PAVAC.

Note: No personal or direct contact info is shared in the Google sheet.

Building Momentum

Since others will be joining the list after you do, we will send out reminders to check the list so you can add the authors who have recently joined. Be sure to add them to your social media network.

The most important part of all this is to Share/Retweet/Comment/Like whenever you see a post by a fellow PAVAC member. Especially valuable are the comments and sharing.

Together we thrive!

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