The Longfellah’s Son: An Almost True Irish Story


“Cassidy writes as only the Irish can, entwining lyrical beauty with brutal honesty.” “the new Angela’s Ashes”



Irish Memoir receives rave reviews

“The Longfellah’s Son by Michael Cassidy is the new Angela’s Ashes, only about a better-off Irish son who blows his privileges, in a funny, fast-paced nakedly honest memoir. The writing is superb!” – Adair Lara, National best-selling author of Hold Me Close, Let Me Go and Naked, Drunk, and Writing

“…few memoirs compare with the brutal impact of The Longfellah’s Son….”
James W. Flannery, W.B. Yeats Scholar, Critic, Winship Professor Emeritus of the Arts and Humanities, Emory University Atlanta, GA, USA

“Cassidy writes as only the Irish can, entwining lyrical beauty with brutal honesty… For me, The Longfellah’s Son is a true visit to Ireland allowing the reader to experience both this beautiful country’s magic and the pain, regardless of one’s social strata.” – Jil Plummer, Author of Caravan to Armageddon, Amber Dust, and Remember to Remember.

From the Book

“There was one final task to face before leaving. Since sobering up, Murphy saw his son Brian’s face in every young boy he’d see. The harm he’d done to the innocent child remained a continuous ache in his heart. But now he was going to increase the damage by leaving Ireland, putting the distance of an ocean and a continent between them.”

Almost True

This is an “almost true” story. As true, anyway, as memories of an Irish son wrung from confessionals where his condemnation to burn forever in hell was confirmed, and dredged from the bottom of the bottle where his only solace seemed to elusively linger, might be. Murphy was a child of the newly emerging 1950’s Irish middle class, and was raised in the environment of a conflicted marriage that never should have happened. While his privileged upbringing seemed idyllic to the outside world, his reality was starkly different. He became a meteor raging through the lives of those who loved him and many who didn’t.

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Length: 8 hrs 9 min
Narrator: Michael Cassidy

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