Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories, Book One, offers traditional and new original folktales that explore the love, joy and challenges between mothers and children.

Grandmother Moon is by Vlatka Herzberg and Becky Parker Geist includes:

Epaminondas:  a boy tries hard to please his mama, but can’t quite get it right.

Grandmother Moon and the Homeless Child: a child searches for mother and home.

Abuela and the Rock People: separated from family by the Rock People, Abuela gets help from a little bird and a rock child.

Mama, Angel and the Tree Dragon: her mischievous little sister Angel is no angel in Louisa-May’s eyes.

Strawberry Moon: Mother Moon helps her daughter express herself colorfully.

Audiobook Length: 54:28

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“The stories are clear, dramatic, inviting and delicious. I love them. This is marvelous work! Bravo!” — Jay O’Callahan, Storyteller. National Endowment of the Arts recipient. Lifetime Achievement Award National Storytelling Network, Commissioned by NASA to create and perform a story in honor of NASA’s fiftieth anniversary

“A delightful collection of lovingly told and affirming stories filled with timeless magical transformations and a traditional humorous folktale — all addressing the mother-child relationship.” — Ruth Stotter, Past Chairman, American Folklore Society Aesop Committee; Former Director, Dominican University (California) Certificate-in-Storytelling Program