Due to our commitment to making sure the audiobook production and marketing experience is the best it can be for each of our clients, we start the process with a 30-minute private phone or video call consultation with Becky Parker Geist. This consultation will achieve several things for you and help you move forward with your audiobook project with more clarity, whether Pro Audio Voices produces your audiobook or whether we refer you to another audiobook production service.

Together we will:

  • clarify your goals for your audiobook/s
  • identify pre-production work that may be needed
  • identify the potential benefits of having the audiobook, so that as you prepare to market you can send the right message to meet your audiobook goals
  • clarify the audiobook production process
  • identify challenges specific to you and your audiobook project so that these can be handled effectively
  • determine if Pro Audio Voices is a good fit for you and your project and if you and your project are a good fit for us

This is the first step on the path to a successful and enjoyable audiobook production process. Let’s start you on your path to success!

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