Recording Your Own Audiobook

You’re planning to record your own audiobook. Many authors who are ready to create their book as an audiobook, first consider this option of recording it themselves. It may feel like it makes sense, because it is your “voice”, after all, that the book expresses. And it might be the best choice, but it’s good to weigh all the pros and cons before making that final decision.

While there are many factors to consider in deciding whether this is actually the best option for YOUR book, let’s assume that you are pretty sure you’d like to record your own audiobook. First, we highly recommend getting the Audiobook Toolkit for Authors: How to SUCCESSFULLY Record Your Own Audiobook. This is packed with information you’ll need and valuable tools to help you succeed.

Make it GREAT!

The audiobook world is thriving and growing fast! We’re expecting a 40% increase in sales in 2017 after a whopping 31% increase in 2016. A top motivator for listeners in selecting audio books is Word of Mouth. Which means that you need to make sure that your audiobook is not just good – it’s GREAT! You’re committed to greatness, now on to how to best achieve it.

Hire a Coach

While the Audiobook Toolkit for Authors provides a wealth of information, you may still be looking for some personalized assistance and guidance to get you started on the right track and help you succeed. Becky Parker Geist is a professional audiobook narrator and producer, and also an acting coach and director. Her extensive career behind the mic and in the theatre, as well as her knowledge and service in the independent publishing industry, come together synergistically to support authors who need coaching or direction in the narration and production process. She is committed to helping great stories come alive!

How Does Remote Coaching Work?

We do offer a coaching and rental package for authors who are in or come to the Bay Area and want to record in our studio with Becky coaching in real time. However, for many authors this is not an option that works. So we also offer Remote Coaching. The way this works is that you record segments of your book and send them to Becky for review and coaching. She will then respond either by phone or email (depending on what is more effective for you), to provide guidance and coaching on your delivery. This process takes about 30 minutes for each 15 minute of recording. If you’d like to use coaching sessions for consultation on  your project, that is also fine.

What Does Remote Coaching Cost?

Coaching is offered in 30-minute sessions at $60 per 30-minute session, or 3-session package for $150, payable in advance.