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  • Audiobook of sci-fi musical romantic comedy Cosmic Cowboy the Musical by JD West produced by Pro Audio Voices, now available at audiobook retailers and libraries A zany musical comedy, touching love story, and fast-paced adventure thriller combined with “Elvis Presley meets Star Wars” plot twists. Cosmic Cowboy the Musical stars the love-struck alien Prince Remo, from faraway Planet Vegas (complete with glowing blue-grey skin and personal flying saucer), and the object of his adoration, aspiring Nashville country singer Jenna Lee Jenkins. When Remo comes to town, the Nashville music scene goes wild - and so does Jenna's sleazy manager, Lance. Can Remo get the girl and Lance get the gigs - or will the men in black get to the alien first? Get ready for a rockin' good time! The first-ever completely integrated, full-cast musical screenplay converted into audiobook format, Cosmic Cowboy the Musical features 11 of West’s original, soundtrack-ready songs (“UFO” and “Don’t Offer Me the Moon and Stars”, for example), plus Hollywood-quality sound effects. In a glowing testimonial, Maureen Millen, an award-winning and Emmy-nominated TV producer, calls it “a funny and joyful masterpiece with fantastic songwriting.” She adds, “(I’ve) never seen/heard anything like it”, and predicts that it will “set the stage for a new genre.” Ready for production as an animated or live-action movie - a sure-fire classic in the making!

    "This is a MUST Listen!"

    "This riveting and exciting romp will keep you completely and thoroughly engaged with your imagination running wild! Think 'Cosmic Cowboy Meets Starman at the Grand Ole Opry'! Am unforgettable, good time! This wonderful story is a rollicking intergalactic caper and romance, set in the epicenter of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. With a superb time honored story of discovery and love, this audio book will appeal to anyone with a passion for excitement and a heart for romance. Cosmic Cowboy The Musical has everything in it that you want from an audio book--an excellent plot with twists and turns that keeps you on your toes, excellent character development, interpersonal friction, a difficult problem to resolve and an ending that is both surprising and satisfying, with hope for a sequel! But what sets this book apart are all the great songs, interspersed throughout--songs which perfectly reveal and mirror the deepest thoughts and feelings of the characters in this wonderful Nashville romp! Whether you're a country music fan or a UFO/Alien aficionado, you're going to thoroughly enjoy this story! In fact, you'll love it--I did! This is an excellent book--I'd love to see it made into a movie!" - Leslie F.
  • Author: Jonty Olivier Narrators: Jerrilee Geist Audiobook: 1 hr 21 mins Description: Mr. Hyde is no ordinary cat. The boy with whom he lives, and who is also his best friend, knows that Mr. Hyde is a magic cat. A delightful audiobook with music and sound effects to enhance an already delightful story. Audiobook Sample
  • Author: Tamara Shiloh Narrators: Tyra Kennedy, Tre Mosley, Leon Nixon and Germaine Hatcher Audiobook: 1 hr 35 mins Description: The story of Jaxon, a 10-year-old Black boy who discovers and learns about several of the African American inventors and historical figures who have made a positive impact on our everyday lives. Audiobook Sample
  • Author: Christina V. Kueppers Narrator: Jerrilee Geist Audiobook: 24 mins Description: A five-year-old boy named Nole from Berkeley, California, has a big dream to go to Mars. Do you think his dream will come true? Audiobook Sample
  • Author: Susan Pace-Koch Audiobook: 8 mins Narrator: Becky Parker Book Description: It's mayhem and merriment in the forest today. Berries are being picked (and eaten), chores may be getting done, or maybe not! This delightful audiobook includes sound effects to really bring the story alive! Audiobook Sample
  • This delectable book is written in colorful rhyme that will have you licking your lips for a taste of these yummy pies! The delightful pigs are certainly enjoying them! Decidedly delicious audio by Becky at Pro Audio Voices! Ms. Posey Pig is a Southern belle who loves Peach Pie and Paddy, just won the "Golden Potholder Award for his Rhubarb Pie.  Meet all twelve Pie Bakers and Pie Tasters, based on seasons of their pie ingredients.

    Written by Susan Pace-Koch