Kind Words

“When I turned my attention to producing an audible version of my book I was firmly of the mind that the author should be the narrator. It took 10 minutes in the recording studio to learn just how hard it is to translate the voice in my mind into a track on a recording. Now what? Enter Becky Parker Geist for whom the written word is an ever-exciting feast for the listening ear. She brought my book to life, giving nonfiction a little of the flare of fiction in a way that deepened rather than distracted from the message. She transformed the written word into an engaging dialogue.

Not only is her reading top-notch, but she offers a seamless – soup to nuts – program where you don’t have to worry about a thing and you don’t have to do a thing: you give her your pages and she gives you back an audio version you can be proud of.

If you want to hand your book over to someone who can bring it alive, I wholeheartedly recommend Becky Parker Geist and Pro Audio Voices.”

Jett Psaris, PhD, Author, Hidden Blessings, Your Content Goes Here

“Working with Becky Parker Geist on my audiobook was a pleasure. She is a pro. She understood the project immediately and got right on it, showing good attention to detail. Her team was impressive. She offered me three voice possibilities for the male voice I requested. I chose William Dougan, who did an outstanding narration. Her cover design person, Andy Parker, worked with me efficiently on the evolving cover idea. I’ll be going back to Becky for future audio projects.”

Lee Foster, author of Travels in an American Imagination, Foster Travel

“Becky Parker Geist was the perfect person to narrate my book. With her music and theater background, she understood – and has the skills and talent to bring the written words to life. She made the whole process easy and enjoyable. ”

Sally Fletcher, author of Music Healing and Harmony, Your Content Goes Here

“Becky gently walks you through the process of converting your book into audio with ease and understanding. She listens, she responds quickly, she has ideas and suggestions, she’s completely professional and honest. It’s an absolute pleasure to be in her hands! Thank you Becky.”


Amy Gorman, Author, Aging Artfully...

“Very pleased with the attention to detail and quality of work from Becky for the audio version of my book. The tone of the narrator is critical for making listening a pleasure, and Becky was able to achieve that by finding the right narrator for a teen book.”

Sumant Pendharkar, author of Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices, Your Content Goes Here

“Becky was such a pleasure to create an audio book with of my first book, Soul Mastery, Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul. She is very competent and thorough, well versed in her skill and easygoing, quick with the work and available to my comments and questions. She amazed me how she was able to “be” many different characters. She helped me understand the process, and the final product is exceptional! She always went the extra mile with me. It was a delight to work with Becky and I highly recommend her in all ways.”

Susann Taylor Shier, author of Soul Mastery, Your Content Goes Here

Vision and Core Values

Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover services for Audiobooks, Animation, and Advertising, with an emphasis on those with uplifting and inspiring stories and messages.

My 35+ years in acting, directing, producing, audiobook narration, writing, and publishing converge to provide a breadth of experience, range of voices and tone, and talent pool built over years of networking.

Sample Voices

Finding the Voice for Your Audiobook

In our talent bank we have a wide range of voices that can deliver high quality delivery. We’re looking for narrators who can make narration of the content clear and engaging. Each of our narrators is vetted before being added to our list to receive audition notices. Incoming auditions are then vetted again before our Director of Production sends them to clients for consideration.

Currently we offer audiobook narration in at least 20 languages – and that number keeps growing as we expand our talent bank.

The most important part of casting, however, is finding the right voice for your book. Schedule an appointment for a 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss the needs of your audiobook.

Creative Solutions

Helping Great Stories Come Alive

You need a voice and a production company that can deliver the quality of work that your message and your audience deserve. Delight your audiences with an audiobook that’s fully produced with great acting, and a meticulously-crafted soundscape of music and sound effects. Stir the imagination of young ones by conjuring up images with sounds that enhance the storytelling experience. We can even help you market your audiobook so your story reaches more of your audience and more of the world. Let’s bring YOUR story to life!

The Pro Audio Voices teamed up with author Mary Ghaleb on this exciting project to help children learn to speak Lebanese:

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