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Working with Pro Audio Voices

If you’ve never been through the audiobook creation process, Pro Audio Voices (“PAV”) makes it easy and accessible. We’re always working on improving our systems for the most enjoyable and efficient process. The following describes our current process for our clients (author, publisher, or any other legal rights holder). The first steps are as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Discovery Call
  2. Consultation
  3. Production & Marketing Plan

Are We a Match?

Discovery Call: Before we dive into the production process, we like to make sure that our clients are a good match for us and that we’re a good match for them. We’re looking for clients who have a passion for their project and really care about bringing their story (or content) to life and getting it out to the world. To save everyone time and energy, we start with a 10-minute (literally) Discovery Call. This can happen via phone or video conferencing or Skype. We want to first understand what you would like to achieve with your audiobook and get a sense of what your project is.

What Do We Need to Know to Get Started Successfully?

Consultation Call: If it looks like we’re a match for each other, we set up a 30-minute Consultation Call to learn more, to get into more detail and better understand your goals as well as any challenges you may be facing.

Planning for Success

Production and Marketing Plan: The most important step in the entire audiobook process is having an effective plan. We are the only audiobook production company and service provider that offers this level of marketing support to our clients. We prepare your manuscript for production so that it works with your marketing plan. We prepare your marketing plan such that it is strongly positioned to achieve your audio book goals.  “Launch and hope it sells” is NOT a plan, yet that is the approach most authors use. Here at Pro Audio Voices, we care deeply about the success of our clients audiobooks – and “success” is defined by the identified goals. Without goals, there is no way to even recognize success if it shows up, because we don’t know what it looks like. We like to work with proactive clients who understand the value we offer with the Production and Marketing Plan. The Plan also includes estimates and costs for having PAV produce your audiobook.  Whether we produce your book or you find another producer, this plan is invaluable in setting you up for success.

Production Process

  1. Auditions & Casting: Based on the Production Plan, PAV will provide audition samples from one or more narrators that we have vetted. You may: 1) approve the audition sample; 2) request changes in the read; or 3) request a different narrator. Once we agree on a narrator, we move into the production process.
  2. Audio Delivery: PAV will deliver audio files via Google Drive (or DropBox). As each chapter is ready for your review, we upload them. As you review each chapter, if there are changes or corrections, let us know. Those will be done and the replacement files uploaded for you to review again. Once all audio files are approved, we move into the submission process.

Submission Process

  1. ACX & Authors Republic: We set up free accounts with ACX and Authors Republic (AR) for you. If you are not a U.S. citizen, then we can only set up on AR. You can still have access to distribution through Audible and iTunes, but only through AR. If you prefer to go exclusive through ACX, we can do that. These decisions are made during the Production and Marketing Plan process.
  2. Book Cover, Description, etc.: All these are prepared during the Production and Marketing Plan process so there is no delay submission as soon as the production process is complete.
  3. Upload and Submission: We upload all the info already prepared within the Production and Marketing Plan, as well as the approved audio files and retail sample. Once we have submitted, it takes 3 days to about 3 weeks before your audiobook goes live in the many retail and library distribution channels.

Marketing Your Audio Book

  1. Implement the Marketing Plan:  The Production and Marketing Plan is your guide to your next steps, and each client’s plan will vary from another’s.
  2. Audiobook Marketing Program (AMP): Here at PAV we also help market your audiobook for those who opt to AMP up their marketing with our Audiobook Marketing Program. The AMP package is available to PAV clients. If you have an audiobook produced elsewhere but you would to get in on the marketing power of AMP, you may submit your title for review by sending an email to PAV at ProAudioVoices.com with a link to the book on Audible and a download code. If you’ve had your audiobook produced but not yet launched, you may submit it via Google Drive to that email address.