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Cosmic Cowboy the Musical audiobook cover

“A funny and joyful masterpiece with fantastic songwriting, it will set the stage for a new genre!”

Maureen Millen, Emmy nominated TV Producer

“This alien rock opera kicks!”

John St. P

“Can’t wait for the movie, 3D animation please!”

Leslie M.

“All the wild goings-on, his blue skin/gray eyes, flying saucer, purple rays, rednecks, the whole presentation is very entertaining.”

William H.

“OMG, I cried at the end, it will be a movie classic!”

Gina F.


Mike E.

“I’m stunned, crying, [it’s] so good… This is going to be so BIG! “Don’t Offer Me the Moon and Stars”  HIT, Grammy and Animation Song Award plus “Like The Wind”…..Best Screenplay, then Tony Awards… I GET IT!” 

Judy S., musician

Get your full cast audiobook or screenplay out there – reach your audience… get an audio “demo” in front of producers… build your momentum!

JD West, creator of Cosmic Cowboy the Musical, now available at audiobook retailers around the world:

“Prior to reaching out to Pro Audio Voices, I had been sitting on a musical screenplay with full, high quality studio produced songs, for over a year. I had reached out to a couple of Hollywood producers and also joined an online portal for pitching “ideas” to producers, literary agents etc. I bought a dozen pitch opportunities and after getting nowhere (“nobody does rom/com sci-fi movies let alone with a musical component!”), I quit pitching. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with THAT approach.

“My next idea was to utilize a self publishing outfit that would slip the music CD in the back cover of a print book jacket. But to accomplish this I would need to hire a ghost writer ($8k), to adapt the screenplay into a novella, and an illustrator ($5-$7K), to depict the scenes when a character broke into song, plus a couple grand to set things up. I didn’t have the money, thankfully, so I sat on everything for another year, saving my money and not knowing what to do. That changed when a retired Silicon Valley executive read my screenplay and listened to the music and suggested, since the music was produced already, it would work nicely in the audiobook format. A month later, after viewing a Youtube vid by Becky Parker Geist, I found Pro Audio Voices (PAV) I plopped down a deposit to get started. Since Becky had 20+ yrs in musical stage production, it seemed like a perfect fit for my project. 

“I was surprised first off with how well Becky adapted the screenplay to the audiobook format with a narrator. It has taken the better part of a year to get it done but PAV had other work ahead of me so I took my place in line. This was not an average project;  mine had 11 songs that had to be woven into the narration and dialogue so it was a tricky proposition. Also we took over 1 month trying to land William Shatner as narrator. Plus I added a new song, midstream. It really worked well. I don’t think there is any other way I could have utilized all my music production work and the screenplay, and created a marketable product. So, this approach just might save my professional aspirations. The audiobook is now being sold as a stand alone product and used as a calling card to movie makers.

“As the project wore on, more “team members” popped out of the wood work to get everything accomplished. I didn’t realize there were so many folks working at PAV and everyone has been professional, respectful of my ideas and provided feedback and updates along the way.

“In the weeks leading up to the launch, I created an initial rough draft press release and then the PAV team took over to polish it and release it via their associate with a seat at PR Newswire. They distributed my release to hundreds of outlets and out the gate got a 26% open rate, which is amazing. So now we’re fielding and responding to requests from the press for copies of the audiobook.

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with PAV. These folks have their stuff together and have produced a product of which I am very proud.

“I can’t see how a screenplay writer can go wrong if Pro Audio Voices can bring their script to life as they have for me. It will give them something to bring to market as well as having a calling card for movie makers.”

Vision and Core Values

Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover services for Audiobooks, Animation, and Advertising, with an emphasis on those with uplifting and inspiring stories and messages.

My 35+ years in acting, directing, producing, audiobook narration, writing, and publishing converge to provide a breadth of experience, range of voices and tone, and talent pool built over years of networking.

Sample Voices

Finding the Voices for Your Project

In our talent bank we have a wide range of voices that can deliver high quality acting – with the emotion (and level of emotion for the audiobook medium) and delivery demanded by the screenplay or script. Each of our narrators is vetted before being added to our list to receive audition notices. Incoming auditions are then vetted again before our Director of Production sends them to clients for consideration.

The most important part of casting, however, is finding the right voice for your book. Schedule an appointment for a 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss the needs of your audiobook.

Creative Solutions

Helping Great Stories Come Alive

You need a voice and a production company that can deliver the quality of work that your message and your audience deserve. Delight your audiences with an audiobook that’s fully produced with great acting, and a meticulously-crafted soundscape of music and sound effects. Stir the imagination of young ones by conjuring up images with sounds that enhance the storytelling experience. We can even help you market your audiobook so your story reaches more of your audience and more of the world. Let’s bring YOUR story to life!

The Pro Audio Voices teamed up with author Mary Ghaleb on this exciting project to help children learn to speak Lebanese: