Each contract is negotiable, so there is no fixed answer to this. An agreement may be a set project cost, a Per Finished Minute agreement (dollar amount calculated on the total time of finished audio files), or a Royalty Share agreement (with some royalty advance paid up front), or some combination of these. The royalty share agreement, with negotiable percentage royalty share, reduces the CLIENT’s upfront cost and gives us a great incentive to help your audiobook keep selling strong.   If an author has a strong author platform with strong book sales in print or ebook and a strong social media following, it is more likely we will be able to offer a more favorable deal to the author to produce the audiobook. Remember, any royalty share agreement means that we’re taking on risk. It takes many hours of studio and post-production time to produce an audiobook. In a royalty share agreement, that means we’re counting on your audiobook selling in order to get paid for all that work. If you are actively promoting your book, and you’ve demonstrated that your efforts are paying off, that gives us more confidence that producing your audiobook based on an expectation of future sales as part of our compensation, will pay off in the long run.