Dublin Ireland Writers Retreat April 1-9, 2017

Dublin Ireland Writers Retreat April 1-9, 2017

Come with me to Ireland!

Author Retreat: Your Workshop Take-Aways, for Fiction &Non-Fiction Authors

Seriously, I really want you to come with me to Dublin, Ireland in 2017 because we are not only going to have an AMAZING Author Retreat with great fun and activities and some fine beer (or not, your choice). Nope. That would be enough at the deal of a price for all we’re getting (airfare from Boston, great hotel, all meals, and on and on). But we’re also going to make it tax deductible (no, that is not tax advice – ask your tax advisor). How’s that? Yes, you can have your Guinness and drink it, too. We will also be getting you off the ground or soaring higher than you already are with your book project/s. Audio book training (and you’ll come away with several audio clips for your marketing), website training, a short video of you with your compelling story, editing help, marketing strategy, learn about reviews, WordPress design, personalized social media strategy and much more, combined with an all-exclusive, curated tour. And, my author friends, that makes this a business expense. Just sayin’.

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