Colla Voce by Larry KleinColla Voce Tickets Now on Sale!

Friday, June 12 Opening Night Gala with Music & Refreshments

Gala at 7 pm with performance at 8 pm (we will hold your tickets at Will Call) – $45/ticket


World Premiere – Gala Opening June 12, 2020

World premier of a new play by Larry Klein. A case study in how to move forward after a tragic incidence of gun violence.

Friday, June 12, 2020, join us for a Gala event including live jazz and champagne starting at 7 pm! Performance begins at 8 pm.

Location: West End studio, 1554 Fourth Street in San Rafael. The theatre itself has recently been renovated with a new entryway and a new lighting system has been installed.

Performances and Tickets – BUY NOW

Thursday, June 11: Preview / Final Dress:  7 pm – $25  BUY NOW
Friday June 12: Opening Night / Critics Night – with Gala Reception: 7 pm Gala, 8 pm performance – $45  BUY NOW
Saturday June 13: 8 pm – $30  BUY NOW

Friday June 19: 8 pm – $30  BUY NOW
Saturday June 20: 8 pm – $30  BUY NOW

Friday June 26: 8 pm – $30  BUY NOW
Saturday June 27: 8 pm – $30  BUY NOW

Purchasing your tickets well in advance helps us make this production possible and will also help us know early on if we can add performances to the run. Thank you so much!

Preview is the Final Dress/Tech, and a way we can serve more of our audience at a reduced ticket price if that is important to you.

A Note about the Story

Colla Voce was inspired by a couple known to the playwright, and by their story.  It springs from their obvious love for each other and the compassion they felt for the young police officer who killed their son.  Although they inspired it, they are not in it.  The circumstances and the characters in the play are purely fictional.

Colla Voce: Definition

A musical term instructing that, if the voice sings freely, the orchestra should follow.  The play takes place in a musical environment.

The Incident: Backstory in Colla Voce

Everyone, including the neighbors, knew that Mark, the younger of two brothers, had obsessive-compulsive disorder.  They knew he shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.  One evening, his parents, Andrew and Linda, after receiving assurances that he would be safe, went to a concert at the local conservatory.  His older brother, Michael, was to perform.  Andrew was to conduct.

Upon their leaving the house, Mark turned the living room sound system up extremely loud (he wanted to be able to hear it in the upstairs bathroom) and then climbed the stairs.  Hearing the music, and fearing the worst, a neighbor called Linda.  She immediately called the police. Linda arrived at the house just ahead of Dan, a young police officer.  They dashed up the stairs to discover that the bathroom door was locked.  Upon breaking open the door, they found Mark in the bathtub with a knife and blood in the water.  When Linda lunged for the knife, Mark raised it.  Dan, thinking that Linda was in danger, fired.  Mark died in his mother’s arms.

Hope after Violent Death, PTSD and a Way Forward

The story of Colla Voce is that of the poignant journey that follows for each of these characters, and how there can be a way forward for those who have had to face the tragedy of violent death.