Kind Words

“Becky Parker is such a creative, versatile talent. “Becky Parker is such a creative, versatile talent. Her audio work reflects her
dynamic energy and innovative skills. ProAudio is a great resource of diverse
vocal, musical and technical talent. Becky is a pleasure to work with and we look
forward to another project with ProAudio. She showcased our Piglicious Pigs
perfectly and brought our words to life with sound effects and background mood
setting music.”

-Susan Pace-Koch, author of A Pie for a Pig

Susan Pace-Koch, Get Out Books

“WOWZA!!!  I think this voice-over is perfect!… The sound effects in the background… compliment the voices and create an exciting flow for the story.  You have done an amazing job…  You have done an exceptional job creating distinction between characters. Love them all!”

Heidi Joulius, author of Color My Coral

“Becky’s telling vividly paints a story in your mind. She takes pages off of a book and turns them into a theatrical production that engages you fully. Highly recommend!”

Vlatka Herzberg, author of Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories

“Becky was such a pleasure to create an audio book with of my first book, Soul Mastery, Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul. She is very competent and thorough, well versed in her skill and easygoing. She was quick with the work and always available to my comments and questions. She amazed me how she was able to” be” many different characters. She was helpful in giving me what I needed to understand the process and even let me be included in one portion of the audio. The final product is exceptional! Her pricing is very responsible and she always went the extra mile with me. It was a delight to work with Becky and I highly recommend her in all ways.”

Susann Taylor Shier, author of Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul

“Wow!!! Becky has done a very impressive job! She is super professional, very responsive, very friendly and fully committed! The best thing: Becky has very beautiful voice. It sounds like music… so attractive. Plus, she has really mastered the skills of using the right tone matching the right voice volume.…  very impressive. It makes my product stands out!  Thanks so much for your very professional work. You’ve exceeded my expectation.”

Author of children’s books: Jettybay Bluejay, Paxton Panda, Caroline the Clumsy Caterpillar, Miranda Mouse


Pro Audio Voices is a San Francisco Bay Area based company serving clients internationally as a go-to place for exceptional voiceover services for Audiobooks, Animation, and Advertising, with an emphasis on those with uplifting and inspiring stories and messages.

My 35+ years in acting, directing, producing, audiobook narration, writing, and publishing converge to provide a breadth of experience, range of voices and tone, and talent pool built over years of networking.

Sample Voices

These are a few samples of my work. Please click below to listen in your browser and enjoy!

Creative Solutions

Helping Great Stories Come Alive

You need a voice and a production company that can deliver the quality of work that your message and your audience deserve. Delight your audiences with an audiobook that’s fully produced with great acting, and a meticulously-crafted soundscape of music and sound effects. Stir the imagination of young ones by conjuring up images with sounds that enhance the storytelling experience. We can even help you market your audiobook so your story reaches more of your audience and more of the world. Let’s bring YOUR story to life!

The Pro Audio Voices teamed up with author Mary Ghaleb on this exciting project to help children learn to speak Lebanese:

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