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Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul by Susann Taylor Shier

Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul gives you direct contact with your Soul Family and its heritage. This very real and practical knowledge opens your heart to your deepest nature and purpose. Experience a sacred reunion with your Soul, and a positive, profound, and joyful knowing of your true essence and gifts. Truly understand yourself and others from the viewpoint of Soul heritage. [...]

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Rock-a-Bye Wiship by Becky Parker (Bound &/or Personalized)

Get your imagination in gear as Jessica travels over the rainbow in her wiship to the land of Bingo-Bongo. Jasper, who is smaller than the flowers, becomes her guide and leads her to the Great Plunket. But when her wiship is taken over by the Yoozits, Jessica may not have a way to get back home! For a Personalized version, your child’s name is inserted [...]

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