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If you are a high school student preparing for college auditions, you should already have started working on your audition pieces. Be sure you have an audition coach to direct you. You may also need help selecting audition pieces. If you are seeking a career in the performing arts, your audition preparation for your next training program is paramount. You can benefit tremendously from audition coaching by a professional who is not your regular acting teacher – by an acting coach who is not looking at how much you have grown, but who can objectively evaluate how much you can grow as you prepare to audition for college and conservatory programs in theatre and musical theatre.

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Audtion coaching is valuable for any theatre auditioning you are preparing for and Becky can help. Just select the package that best suits your needs and get started as soon as possible.

Audition preparation with a professional coach is essential.

If you (and/or your parents) are planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a university or conservative training program in theatre or musical theatre over the next few years, then it makes sense to strive to get into the best training program available to you at your current level of ability. To get into the best program possible, you need to shine your brightest, to show the audition panel your commitment and preparation. Audition coaching is an investment in your future that significantly impacts your immediate future training opportunities.

Why do you need a Director/Coach for an Audition?

Theatre productions have directors for a good reason. Actors on stage cannot be fully present in the role of the character while attempting to imagine what they look like from the audience. Nor can they do anything but guess what the audience experience is when they are on stage. If you are working alone on monologues for auditions – that’s a good start, but not enough. This is not the time to cut corners and pinch pennies. The cost of a university education becomes a better investment in your future if you get into the best program you can. Getting into that actor training or conservatory program is where audition coaching is essential.

Theatre as a collaborative art benefits from multiple perspectives allowing much deeper, more effective, and more meaningful work for the actors as well as the audience. When auditioning, your audience is the person or panel making the decision about accepting you into their training program or show. You capture your opportunity by capturing your audience. That’s something that demands a professional coach with experience and expertise as a director as well.

What to look for in an Audition Coach.

Your audition coach should be an experienced professional actor, director and teacher. As an actor your coach knows how to find, live and express the character effectively. As a director your coach brings a knowledge of stage picture and the audience perspective that provides feedback about whether what you are doing and feeling is coming across, where you need to expand and withhold, about distracting gestural habits that you may be unaware of, etc. As a teacher your coach knows how to positively communicate with you and guide and coax out the best you have to offer.

Becky Parker Geist has a long professional career as actor, director, and teacher. She has been working professionally as an actor since 1980, as a director since about 1992, and as a teacher since 1980. She is also Executive Director and core production company member of Chaucer Theatre, a professional touring theatre company. Becky’s commitment to her students, her success in helping each student shine, and her positive supportive approach make her your perfect partner as you prepare for your college auditions. The sooner you start, the better your audition will be.

No Cheating!

What we do as actors is not about words and movements. It is about effectively communicating a meaningful story or idea and connecting with an audience in ways that affect them on an emotional level. That may mean moving the audience to laugh or cry or think or any other action that grows out of being moved emotionally. But unless we the actors can impact emotions on some level, we will not have made much – if any – impact at all. Without impact, why bother? Theatre becomes a waste of everyone’s time and money – yours and the audience’s. With every rehearsal and performance we have the opportunityto enrich and inspire, to become agents of transformation and progress, of healing and joy, of heroism and resistance to apathy, of awakening and alertness, of energy and focus and clarity, of hope and freedom.We become some of the most valuable contributors to our communities and world. Never underestimate the power of theatre and your part in it or you will cheat yourself and the world of the greatness you have to offer.

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